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Concert With a Difference

It is almost that time again…. Excited anticipation fills the air as our club president discusses several tasks to be completed before the big day with her board of directors. She has their undivided attention, with only a soft whirring coming from the air conditioner to break the pin drop silence in the room. She informs each director of their responsibilities prior to and during the project and each nod dutifully in agreement, each one aware of the expectation at stake. It is paramount that all tasks are completed on time, each member of the club a single cog in a giant wheel, all working toward making this year’s Concert a success. The president is under pressure. She understands the importance of living up to an expectation dating right back to the start when our founding members took it upon themselves to bring a small dream to a reality. Little did they realize the impact it would have on them and the beautiful souls they had organized the first ever Concert with a Difference for.

Concert with a Difference is not just any concert. The concert is carefully and meticulously organized by the Rotaract Club of Colombo Regent for a very special group of individuals, who you would not see at a concert often. The club reaches out to schools and homes that focus on the wellbeing of differently abled and special needs children and adults, located as close as Colombo City and as far as Anuradhapura, with a total of 400+ participants and caretakers as well as teachers. Planning for a project of such a magnitude is not a simple task. Planning for Concert begins 4 months prior to the day and involves countless hours of preparation for decoration, meals, and surprises for our very special guests.

The Rotaract Club of Colombo Regent is blessed to have made friends and created strong and everlasting bonds with several individuals who make Concert a reality, each year. The venue, The Lionel Wendt Theatre is so graciously open to the club for the day so that each child and adult can enjoy a fun-filled day in safety and comfort. The musical entertainment, provided by a group of mega-talented superstars, Misty, makes the event as colorful and thrilling for all those present at the Lionel Wendt Theatre. With special donations made toward the project, the club is able to provide transportation from and to the schools and homes to and from the theatre, a small snack pack and a goodie bag for each guest.

The meeting comes to a close and each club member, new and old, look forward to the coming weeks leading to Concert and the concert itself. We look forward to dancing till our feet hurt and then dancing some more. To the countless smiles on each child and adult’s face. To the satisfaction is knowing that we made a difference in the hearts of those who need it the most. Concert with a Difference maybe a small event, but the impact it has on each individual will last a lifetime.

Would you like to contribute and light up the day of 400+ special individuals?

Account Name – Rotaract Club of Colombo Regent

Account Number – 100060011265

Payment Reference – CWAD2019

For further details do not hesitate to contact us;

Rtr. Suhail Razik – +94 77 224 8019

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