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PUBG Tournament

“Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” was a joint initiative by the Rotaract Clubs of Excellence, Imperial College of Business Studies, Colombo Regent, and Wellewatte with the intention of creating fellowship among Club members. Having the aim to connect all mobile phone game fanatics to compete with each other and showcase their skills to win the chicken dinner!

The event was carried out in a very special way where we came up with 4 franchises named Terrific Tornadoes owned by Rtr. Saalim Ahamed, Piece Makers owned by Rtr. Pranesh Fernando, Wild Wreckers owned by Rtr. Amandi Yatawara and Clan Deadly by Rtr. Evelyn John. Each franchise owner was allocated with a sum and they had to bid from a pool of 16 players which consisted of all 4 Clubs to form their respective teams. The Auction of players was carried out by Rtr. Ahmed Ismail who is considered an expert in selling. Players were priced based on their tier ranking in the game.

After the teams were formed, the participants had an entire week to practice and get to know their fellow team members. The tournament thus took place On the 7th of September at 10.00 pm to find out the ultimate franchise owner. The match scheduled was up, players were ready, game rooms were created and chicken dinner was the price awaiting the winners. At the end of the 3 matches, all the teams had won 1 match each and it was quite even. Then the experience and strategy of both Piece makers and Wild Wreckers started to show and other franchises were unable to cope with that level. This led the 2 franchises to face off in an epic best of 3 showdowns to determine the winner. End of the night, it was the Piece Makers franchise owned by Rtr. Pranesh Fernando who emerged as the winners and being crowned as the ultimate franchise of the tournament.

One of the learning outcomes of this project was that we have realized that building fellowship does not require physical meetup and it is something beyond than what we imagine it to be. There have been many learnings for us as humans during the lockdown and we have become even more creative in finding ways to keep in touch by building fellowship among other clubs.

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