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Webinar on Sexual Harassment!

A webinar organized by the Rotaract Club of Colombo Regent on issues relating to Sexual Harassment in our country which took place on the 24th of October 2020 gave an insight to the participants on what sexual harassment is all about.

The speaker for the session, Sanjana Ravi, a feminist and gender rights activist, who aspires to be a catalyst for women’s empowerment in Sri Lanka. She holds a Bachelor in science and Economics, International Studies and Women & Gender studies from Iowa State University, USA.

Sanjana’s social work experience ranges from working with an organization to combat Gander Based Violence and serving as a trainer for sexual reproductive health and rights under Youth Advocacy Network Sri Lanka.

She aimed at tackling 3 areas of sexual harassment which takes place in Sri Lanka and on how we can prevent or help others who are being sexually harassed. This being a project based on Community service sought to educate the community as to the issues faced by such an act and how we can prevent from such an act from taking place.

The webinar gave a clear understanding to all the participants on current issues relating to sexual harassment and as to how people being sexually harassed can prevent it from taking place as well as on how others can help a person who is being sexually harassed to stop them from doing such an act.

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