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Webinar on Teaching Opportunity

A project organized by the Rotaract Club of Colombo Regent partnered with Third Space Global which is a BOI approved company that believes we all live in a global community full of opportunities, but also social responsibility. They aim at building the world’s first global and scalable teaching force full of intelligent and driven problem solvers.

This project aiming to give job opportunities to Rotaractors and the community to help them to gain a financial stability specially during times of lockdowns where working from home has been a main form of issue.

This sessions main focus was to reach out to the younger generation and giving them an opportunity to teach Math to students in the United Kingdom by having virtual online classes.

Susan Jacob, an employer of Third Space Global conducting the session which took place on the 7th of November 2020 ran through with the participants who attended this webinar on key areas such as; what TSG is about, how one can apply to take on a role as a teacher for TSG, the salary included and bonuses one can gain from working for TSG.

The success of the webinar was achieved by having 134 people registered and 100 attending the seminar on the day. The Company also receiving many applicants applying for the job opportunity at the end of this session was thrilled with the enthusiasm of the Rotaractors and other individuals who took a step by applying to be a tutor in helping the students to excel in their studies.

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