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Project Sanrakshana

Conservation is a State of Harmony between Men and Land – Aldo Leopold

One of the greatest natural resources of our motherland is the many wetlands it plays host to. Wetlands are areas of marsh or wetland with water that is static or flowing. They are ecosystems whose formation and characteristics are determined by water. The major types of wetlands in Asia are mangroves, freshwater swamp forests, peat swamp forests, lakes and river systems. As such, protecting this vital part of our homes is our duty towards Mother Earth. To this end, the Rotaract Club of Colombo Regent has organised Project සංරක්ෂණ, a Webinar on Wetland Conservation with Kapila Rasnayaka, a consultant from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Small efforts matter, so this is us, The Rotaract Club of Colombo Regent putting in effort to raise public awareness on protecting this vital part of Mother Nature, through conducting this webinar, Project Sanrakshana.

We’d like to thank Kapila Rasnayaka for taking part in the project. Also Rtr. Julian Michael, the chairperson of this valuable project and Rtr. Nishadya Dayadi Karunanayake, secretary of the project for her great assistance, last but not least our great PR team including Rtr. Manusha Wickramarathne for the graphic posters provided, Rtr. Aloka Gunasekara for managing the live zoom and YouTube stream for putting in great effort to make this project successful.

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