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Project Sanrakshana

Conservation is a State of Harmony between Men and Land - Aldo Leopold One of the greatest natural resources of our motherland is the many wetlands it plays host to. Wetlands are areas of marsh or wetland with water that is static or flowing. They are ecosystems whose formation and characteristics are determined by water.... Continue Reading →

Webinar on Teaching Opportunity

A project organized by the Rotaract Club of Colombo Regent partnered with Third Space Global which is a BOI approved company that believes we all live in a global community full of opportunities, but also social responsibility. They aim at building the world’s first global and scalable teaching force full of intelligent and driven problem... Continue Reading →

Webinar on Sexual Harassment!

A webinar organized by the Rotaract Club of Colombo Regent on issues relating to Sexual Harassment in our country which took place on the 24th of October 2020 gave an insight to the participants on what sexual harassment is all about. The speaker for the session, Sanjana Ravi, a feminist and gender rights activist, who... Continue Reading →

Concert With a Difference

It is almost that time again…. Excited anticipation fills the air as our club president discusses several tasks to be completed before the big day with her board of directors. She has their undivided attention, with only a soft whirring coming from the air conditioner to break the pin drop silence in the room. She... Continue Reading →

You Can Help 2018

In a nut-shell, cancer refers to the development of abnormal cells that divide uncontrollably and have the ability to infiltrate and destroy normal body tissues. There are over 200 types of cancer and it is the second leading cause of death in the world. Over the years, there had been an increased widespread of the... Continue Reading →

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